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simplenetworks.it Is it simple?

Site review: http://simplenetworks.it/

I'm part of an Oxygen Builder showcase group, so this site was shared for review. I had expected to view a site that was highlighting the benefits of using Oxygen Builder or to effectively communicate purpose.

Content Hierarchy

Issue no# 1 - Lack of focus

The site includes an animated background on every page. Most of the site's graphics are animated as well. It felt the mandate was to animate everything and by doing that the site loses it's focus. Currently you've animate almost everything so nothing stands out.

As a site user I wanted to see a clear hierarchy of content, where specific elements have more priority than others. Where is the hierarchy of importance on what you want people to view?

Issue no#2 - Below the fold

I didn't realize at first you had content below the fold, because there's no visual indication to scroll down to find more. I think you've forgotten the viewer experience and fell in love with a design concept. Services and Portfolio specifically could be more User intuitive by indicating there's content below the fold.

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