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Lindy Kehoe's web site focusses on the Artwork, so while simple in layout it is well suited for an Artist's site. Beautiful. Ethereal. Magic – all words we’d use to describe the paintings of Lindy Kehoe. In her own words “My work is inspired by serendipity, a momentary feeling of interconnected magic, that often feels […]
Zessel Designs creates designs inspired by Kate Zessel's adventures in the West Coast mountains for clients like Lululemon and Patagonia. Pages are clean and highlighted by the beauty of Kate Zessel's artwork.  
The Leslie Benson web site uses a very simple full width layout with no bells and whistles so it can focus entirely on her Woven Artwork. The images are presented in a single column down the centre of the web page and link to lightbox slideshow.   The Profile page is very simple but straightforward […]
The website does a good job organizing the Textile Designers Alistair Mcauley and Paul Simmons who are the Timorous Beasties. The projects sections works well because the thumbnail images are so colourful and impactful that the simple layout is effective. The "room" page is very innovative as it allows the site visitor to decorate the different elements […]
The Flora Bowley web site does a very good yet subtle job of marrying Art and Commerce. The site is designed to enable visitors and potential customers to buy her Courses, Artwork, Workshops. The use of Flora Bowley's own artwork to give the site life and encourage visitor to buy from her is very effective. […]
Laura Hollick's website puts special attention into it's home page. The video hero and then the colourful yet functional CTA ( call to action ) at the bottom of the page draw the viewer into the site. The site is proactive is viewer engagement and encourages mailing list signups and her other offerings. About Laüra […]
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