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I recently found a useful plugin to display either posts or images in different portfolio styles. The plugin is called "Virtual Portfolio" and is currently free. Visual Portfolio plugin https://visualportfolio.co/ Oxygen Builder plugin: https://oxygenbuilder.com Someone had asked if Virtual Builder worked well with Oxygen builder, so within about 15 minutes I was very easily able […]
Themebox WordPress theme: http://demo.ovathemes.com/themebox/ The Themebox is an Ecommerce WordPress theme for Unique Digital Products which is designed especially for digital products like software packages, templates, e-books, and plugins. It offers the ability to create multiple custom plugins to sort, filter, and search products based on their product IDs. Themebox integrates multiple features within the […]
Scout Magazine ( Canada ) https://scoutmagazine.ca/ - built by Matchbox Creative https://matchboxcreative.com/ Opening Soon article heading style- detail page Home page magazine style Archive page style - top section
Elegant design styling from font choices to spacing to menu https://galleria-metropolia.cmsmasters.net/
Every page pops out with vibrant colours and high level design elements. Beyond the visual beauty the pages show interactive touches like blog entry blocks that move up and down to encourage you to click on them. On several inner pages, WP Rocket Designers have chosen not to include the site menu so the user […]
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