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Step 1: Go to /wp-admin/network/site-info.php?id=1 Network Admin -> Sites -> Edit -> check Permalink Structure. Edit as per your requirement. Step 2: Go to normal site level Settings -> Permalinks Original source: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/107901/remove-the-blog-slug-from-wordpress-multisite-root-node
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Site review: http://simplenetworks.it/ I'm part of an Oxygen Builder showcase group, so this site was shared for review. I had expected to view a site that was highlighting the benefits of using Oxygen Builder or to effectively communicate purpose. Content Hierarchy Issue no# 1 - Lack of focus The site includes an animated background on […]
Design: https://jeffreycarandang.com/ Jeffrey Carandang is a WordPress specialist based in the Philippines. He loves creating clean, unique and usable code for the web. Also, he's the founder of Phpbits Creative Studio, a small WordPress plugin business which is mostly known through Widget Options and other free plugins on WordPress directory. Jeffrey also co-founded CoBlocks which got acquired by GoDaddy on April […]
Designer: http://markokrstic.com/ He creates logotypes, apps, corporate and eCommerce websites. Design sets for Oxygen builder: https://oxyset.com/
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